Command Z-15APJ


‘APJ’ stands for Australia Power Jigging. The feature is more power, more drag and more Jigging to Command X-15SP. Key Features “Jigging-Function” Fishing power control function High-speed automatic winding Memory Depth Stop broadside Variable speed + – Protection against reverse Automatic Overload Control Fully waterproof pressure 0.3 Slow Start Slow stop

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CZ-15APJ Specifications
Maximum bobbing winding capacity (New Material) Miya New Deep Sensor
PE#10 – 2,000m PE#12 – 1,600m PE#15 – 1,200m PE#20 – 1,000m PE#30 –    850m
Instant Maximum hoisting power (Spool least diameter time)
Substainable hoisting power
Maximum retrieval speed (At Maximum dimensionspool unload)
Drag Bearing capacity
392N(40kg) ~ 1.078N(110kg)
Hauling system
3 ways (Auto, Manual, Auto+Manual)
Power supply
DC-12V Exclusive
Quiescent current
1.4A ~ 23A
Wind-up gear ratio 1 : 3.18
Computerised Control Fishing strength control,  Stop at Zero,  Depth Memory, Slow start,  Slow Stop,  Variable speed, Pause(Minumum to Maximum speed)
Safety Mechanism + – Polarity protection,  Overload start and stop control,   Low voltage detection,  Overvoltage detection 
LCD Monitor Fishing strength display,  Roller based on moniter display, Roation number display,  Depth memory display,  Shelf abort direction, High to Low display,  Direction of spool twiriling display, Speed paramater display,  Voltage level display, Low voltagawarning display
Operating temperature
-10℃ ~ +80℃
Ball bearing 10pcs
Backlash protection
Audio brake
Reel Gravity
○Power cable 3m, Reel Greese


Notice: Further modification of specification will subject to change without notice. Made in Japan