Command X-9APJ


‘APJ’ stands for Australia Power Jigging. The feature is more power, more drag and more Jigging to Command X-9SP. Key Features “Jigging-Function” Fishing power control function Memory Depth Stop broadside Variable speed + – Protection against reverse Automatic Overload Control Fully waterproof pressure 0.3 Slow Start Slow stop

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CX-9APJ Specifications
Part No.
CX-9SP (12V)
JAN code (5 digits below).
0165 7
Wound volume (No.-m) Deep NEW Sensor
No. 10 -1,600 m -1,400 M No. twelve fifteen -1,100 M Issue No. 20-800m over 700m No. 30
Nylon yarn
-1,000 M No. 20, No. 24-800m issue of 30-650m
Drag strength
25.0kg ~ 47.8kg
The maximum hoisting power moment
Winding speed (no load)
Min 110m /
Manual winding gear ratio
1:3. 18
Ball bearing
12V DC
Quiescent current
1.4 ~ 20A
Temperature (℃)
-10 To 80
How to prevent backlash
Brake noise
Reel weight
Function control Stop broadside
Memory Depth
Stepless (very low top speed – Pause)
Fishing power control
Two-mode switching
+ – Protection against reverse
Automatic Overload Control
Slow start slow stop
LCD Meter
W240 × H150 × D220mm